The Collection

The Library of Antique & Vintage Stencil Type

Old stencil lettering are an often overlooked part of our past and heritage. This is inevitably due to the ephemeral nature of things like packaging. Stencil markings on machinery, vehicles, industrial equipment and buildings often last for decades.

There are more and more people who like to use these typesfaces. Old stencils tools are often used as decorative objects and manual stencil cutting machines are lovingly restored.

Stencils fonts are often used in adverts, not because they are »beautiful«, but because they remind us of a time that has »just« passed — and of course they are eye-catching.

Historic vehicles, decals and props should use the correct marking design.

Our collection of fonts was created using historic stencil tools. Choose from an authentic variety of designs, periods, and countries — choose from the best vintage stencil font collection available. Especially if you need a historically correct font for your project. Or if you are a fan of these vintage typefaces like we are.

All our fonts can be cut with modern digital cutting systems. They have only a few Bezier points for optimal cutting results.

— Have fun.

United States,

MARSH Fountain Brush
Vtg Stencil Marsh >>> Marsh stencil machine, Model R, 1", since 1940 - - - WWII, Korean War ...

IDEAL No.1 stencil machine, 1", since 1913 - - - WWI, WWII, Korean War ...

US Ordnance Office
Bradley stencil machines, ¾", 1894 — 1936 - - - WWI, WWII

M&K Fancy Apples
Vtg Stencil US No.2 >>> Reeses (now Hanson) adjustable stencil plates, 1", since 1876
This design, based on Clarendon Bold, has been popular since the 1850s. - - - American Old West, Cvivil War, WWI, WWII

Pure Gold Brand
Vtg Stencil US No.4 >>> stencil disc, New York Stencil Works, 1", 1868-1920 - - - American Old West, Cvivil War, WWI

George Mayer Wilson

Vtg Stencil US No.1 >>> upper case > based on Reeses stencil plates, 1", since 1876
Vtg Stencil US No.1 >>> lower case > stencil disc by New York Stencil Works, ½", since 1868
The lower case letters are rarely used, but can sometimes be seen on custom stencil tools.
This design, based on Clarendon Bold, has been popular since the 1850s. - - - American Old West, Cvivil War, WWI, WWII

Mobil Oil Company
Vtg Stencil US No.51 >>> interlocking (adjustable) stencil plates, General Stencils Inc, N.Y., 1", ca. 1940s

Passific American Fishers Inc.
Vtg Stencil US No.72 >>> interlocking stencil plates, US Army package, 2", ca. 1960s till today

Great Britain,

Dockyard, Isle of Sheppey
Vtg Stencil UK No.76 >>> interlocking stencil plates, 2", ca. 1960s till today

Made in England
Vtg Stencil UK No.2 >>> interlocking stencil plates, 1", ca. 1900 - 1950s


Bauhaus, Design Thinking
Vtg Stencil DIN >>> stencil plates, 40 mm, ca. 1940s till today --- WWII

Lager 2, Trafo A, 120A
Vtg Stencil DIN Type A >>> 1940 - ca. 1970s, rarely used --- WWII

Friedrich W. Nietzsche
Vtg Stencil Germany No.1 >>> stencil paltes, August Mentel, Berlin, 25 mm, 1871 - 1917, very common --- WWI

Heidi - Childrens Fiction
Vtg Stencil Germany No.101 >>> stencil paltes, 25 mm, unkown origin, Bavaria, ca. 1900


Champ de Mars, Paris
Vtg Stencil France No.1 >>> stencil plates, 35 mm, ca. 1830s till today

Braque & Picasso
Vtg Stencil France No.3 >>> stencil plates, 70 mm, ca. 1850s till today, very popular

Jean-Bap. Poquelin
Vtg Stencil France No.5 >>> hand made stencil plates, 80 mm, ca. 1850s
A unique example of many of the pre-industrial stencil tools made in France.


Frutti di mare pregiati
Vtg Stencil Italy No.2 >>> stencil plates, 60 mm, ca. 1930s till today