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All about Stencil Type?

All about Stencil Typefaces

StencilType brings you the best curated collection of vintage stencil typefaces primarly for *marking. All designs are sorted by country. Additional information such as stencil tool size, manufacturer and launch date is provided.

All designs are available as digital »typefaces« — fonts.

The fonts are created at the highest level of quality. They can be tested and licensed at the astype fonts type foundry website.

*Marking means that these stencils were primarily used for marking goods. Usually cargo, machinery, building parts, equipment like crates, duffle bags, etc...

Of course, stenciling is as old as mankind. Think of our ancestors' handprints on rock walls. There are, of course, many other stencils - not just those for marking, such as the linen decorating stencils and linen initials that were very popular around 1900.

Check out the best stencil font collection.